Catching up

The Bingergread Cottage

Hello Friends. Come and grab a seat, pour a coffee, it’s on the stove and give Lily a quick cuddle, she’ll only pester you if you don’t. So I have been absent on FB and Twitter for a while following an unfortunate outburst by a rather sick woman.

No matter, that is all over and I can bring you all up to speed with Badger and his post- stroke recovery. He is doing OK. To say that his 80th birthday is next month I think he is doing marvellously.

As I am not needed to be at his shoulder every minute we have agreed that I can go back to writing which is great as I want to do the next in the military police boys’ series. I am buying Badger a large school bell with which to summon me if I am upstairs in my office and he needs me…

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