Misty Walk

Cumbria Photo

Yesterday morning was quite misty following a frosty night. As I was out walking with Poppy, I observed the mist slowly retreating, and enveloping Dent Fell. It was quite a pleasure to see.

After around an hour of walking, I spotted a lone tree on Jacktrees Road, at Cleator Moor. It’s not a very special tree; but the mist, and it’s wiriness made it appear appealing and intriguing. Almost magical with its presence. Well, to me anyways 😀

The Shepherds Tree

Huge elm, with rifted trunk all notched and scarred,
Like to a warrior’s destiny! I love
To stretch me often on thy shadowed sward,
And hear the laugh of summer leaves above;
Or on thy buttressed roots to sit, and lean
In careless attitude, and there reflect
On times and deeds and darings that have been –
Old castaways, now swallowed in neglect, –
While thou art…

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