Song Sung Blue #writephoto #flashfiction


‘There you go. Have you ever seen a river like it?’

‘It’s so…’



‘Taste it.’

‘You’re kidding. What’s done that? Copper sulphate? Cobalt?’

‘Have a sip. It won’t kill you’

‘Have you?’


‘Oh god it’s disgusting.’

‘Your kids wouldn’t agree.’

‘Yeah so? When have teenagers been the arbiters of good taste… any taste come to that. It is familiar, mind you. Bubble gum?’

‘Nearly. Think ice cold drinks.’

‘Bloody hell. Not…?’


‘So where’s this come from?’


‘Get away.’

‘About a mile. Not a pretty sight. The SOC people have cordoned it off and forensics are there.’

‘What happened?’

‘We’ve already had a call. The Anti Hy-Co League have claimed responsibility.’

‘I hate those sugar terrorists.’

‘Yeah, it’s one thing to release a field GM sugar beet to roam free – at least they can fend for themselves – but mass slaughter on this scale is…

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