The P Word

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I remember the first time I heard it.

“Wow, Amy, you’re a prolific writer.”

I was shooting for “good”.  I so wanted to at least be good.  I thought that I wasn’t great, but I was hoping that I was at least kinda sorta good.  Or that I showed signs of being good.  Like maybe I might have a chance at this authoring thing.

But no, I got “prolific”.

I rolled that word around in my head for days and weeks and months and years.  Because I don’t obsess AT ALL.

Prolific.  Prolific.  Prolific.

It still sounded like a dirty word.  A word that you call a no good writer who fills the world with page upon page of the garbage that fills their head.  A writer insult.

I hear it from time to time, and it still brings me back to that first time I got called prolific.  And…

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