Iain Kelly

He appeared naked, emerging from the mist hanging over the loch.

Mhairi stopped scrubbing the shirt. His torso was chiselled, the hair a dark mane, his eyes a piercing green. When the water no longer covered the top of his legs she knew she should look away, but she stared, as in a trance.

He spoke to her in a soft, lilting voice, ‘An exquisite creature.’ He took her chin in his hand, tilting her head up to look into his eyes. His skin felt smooth.

Mhairi could have dived into those green pools. She felt desire, lust. She opened her mouth, beckoning towards him. Take me, she insinuated.

He bent down towards her, his hands cupped her fulsome bust, his mouth opened inches from meeting hers. Her hungry tongue waited to receive his. Mhairi’s eyes were wide in anticipation. Just as she was about to close them and give…

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