Tallis Steelyard: Six Men in a Boat Blog Tour.

Stevie Turner

This blog today is part of the Six Men in a Boat blog tour, which features Jim Webster’s new book :

Six menTallis Steelyard: Six Men in a Boat

Instead of his usual collection of anecdotes, this time Tallis presents us with a gripping adventure. Why is Tallis ‘run out of town’ by hired ruffians? Why does a very sensible young woman want his company when plunging into unknown danger? Who or what was buried in the catacombs? And why has there been so much interest in making sure they stay dead? Also featuring flower arranging, life on the river, and a mule of notable erudition.

Here’s an excerpt from the book:

A Constant Struggle for Funding.

Of all the various Drane offspring, I feel that Quinnia was perhaps the most
adventurous. The second daughter of the family, she had an advantage over
her older sister in that her path…

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