Money doesn’t earn itself!

Tallis Steelyard

2) Money doesn't earn itself

The tour, and the exploration of a fascinating family continues on the blog of Chris, the Story Reading Ape.

Taffetia Drane was a lady who believed that in a marriage, a wife should also bring in money to the family. Now it wasn’t as if the family faced penury. Garrat Drane’s salary as a lawyer’s clerk wasn’t extravagant, but like his fellow clerks, Garrat benefited from a certain unworldliness in his employers. After all, successful lawyers can command remarkably high fees. It was not unknown for them to bill a client more for lunch than they paid their clerk for the week. And anyway, the clerk’s time was always added to the bill, so there is an unspoken presumption amongst the upper echelons of the legal profession that clerks effectively cost you nothing. Indeed some legal practices have so forgotten the value of money, that they even pay the clerk…

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