Photo prompt round-up: Stark #writephoto

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Landscape of despair
Bare branches bleached and blighted
Reaching out for love
Lost, lonely and forsaken
A stark, joyless existence


A glimmer of hope
Painting possibility
Holding life and light
Shadowed depths the birthing ground
Multicoloured beauty grows

The photo for this week’s prompt was taken on the road into Sheffield, at the gate to the moor and the path that leads to Barbrook. Beyond the trees is Big Moor, where we had encountered an adder and from which the shadows of the past had chased us one day.

Most of the year, these moorlands may seem bare and bleak to eyes and hearts that love them less than I, yet throughout the year, they are rich in life and colour. In spring, the greens are vivid, exuberant. Summer brings the purple glow of heather. Autumn sets the land aflame with scarlet and gold… while winter’s…

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