The Accidental Outline

A Crack in the Pavement

AuthorsOne of the fun things I love about this blog of mine is the work in progress.

One of the pleasures of sharing my work is the feedback I receive from some of you explaining better ways of doing things. The other pleasure I enjoy is your work.

I like to see how you do it and why you do it and how you can turn a troubled scene into a success.

I will never stop learning and I don’t want to. Learning makes me better and the best teachers I have are the writers I listen to everyday.

Pantsying and other Goodies

A while ago I wrote a piece on outlining and pantsying. I tried the pantsying rout once but I felt lost. I kept having this bad feeling I was headed in the wrong direction.

Kind of like being lost in the woods.

In my last go around…

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