Garrat Drane and the case of the petty cash.

Tallis Steelyard

1) Garrat Drane

Garrat Drane was, in my opinion at least, a man who took dullness to the point of eccentricity. He was so dull that those who got to know him were fascinated by him. For his entire working life he was a clerk for Thallawell Thallawell, and Thallawell. In the course of the nearly fifty years he worked for them he doubtless progressed from being a very junior clerk to becoming a somewhat more senior clerk, but this was never recognised in any change in job title.

Every morning for fifty years (baring occasional public holidays or similar untoward occasions,) he would rise, dress in his plain breeches and shirt, and pull over them the formal robe of a lawyer’s clerk. He would breakfast simply, and for all I know he may even have kissed his wife on the cheek as he left the house.

His wife was one sign that…

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