I have ‘piddly little ones’


This is the latest in medical terms to describe my kevlar coated veins that run for the hills at the first sign of a needle for taking blood.
Not that I had to have a blood test today, but Hubby did, and we got chatting to the guy who took it.
Hubby’s veins are very co-operative “Look at me, all big and butch, take what you will” kind of thing.
We already know mine…………… aren’t.

When I had my surgery (2 years ago today actually) they couldn’t find a vein in my hand for the anaesthetic and had to go in through my wrist.
If ever I have to have blood taken, it’s very much a hit and miss affair, and I bruise terribly.
The nurse who took it at Grimsby when I had my heart scare earlier this month said she had to go in blind………. and it felt…

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