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Little Bit says Happy Halloween!

Hi, SE Readers, Joan here today and I’m not going to write about writing.

Happy Halloween! It’s time for goblins and great pumpkins. Trick-or-treating and haunted houses. Black cats and bats. Witches and broomsticks.

And of course, it’s the time for a good old-fashioned ghost story. Not that I have seen a ghost. Well, maybe once, but that’s a story for another time. Most of my ghostly encounters are due to an over-active imagination.

Such as the time I thought I saw a werewolf. Or when my cousin and I convinced ourselves a ghost was hiding in the furnace. Once I was even on the lookout for a headless horseman in the woods near our home.

But there is one time when I had an encounter with the unexplained. Years later, I still don’t know what I heard, nor can anyone who was present that…

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