Smorgasbord Short Stories – What’s in a Name Volume II – Patrick – Love in a Time of War

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Welcome to the second story of the weekend from What’s in a Name Volume II. Today the story begins with ‘P’

Patrick – Love in a time of war.

The first time Patrick Walsh saw her, was as he wended his way slowly down the hill between the slow moving trucks on his motorbike. The road was lined with women and old men who were handing out hastily cut sandwiches and mugs of tea to the men in the trucks, whose outstretched hands gratefully received these simple acts of kindness. It was clear from the their faces that they found the peaceful summer skies overhead, and clamour of women’s voices, a much needed reminder of home and safety.

He knew where they had come from, as for the last six days he had been flying over them as they had scrambled into small boats to be ferried out to the…

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