Baking Cakes & Writing Stories – The Similarities #SundayBlogShare #Writers #Writing


Our stories are like the cakes we bake.

Some of us plan our cake making projects with military precision. We stick rigidly to the recipe and put in hours of ingredient preparation. Whilst the rest of us stare at the food cupboard, listen to the gurgle of our gut and chuck in any ingredient that takes our fancy.

This is like writing. Some of us plan our stories in great detail, weave intricate plot threads and write pages of detailed notes. Whilst the rest of us stare at a crack in the wall, drink some strong coffee and then start writing whatever pops into our head.

Some of us will get frustrated during the baking process. Our cakes might fail to rise, some of our ingredients, which worked in our head, might make us screw up our faces on taste and some cakes will never look like the glossy photo…

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3 thoughts on “Baking Cakes & Writing Stories – The Similarities #SundayBlogShare #Writers #Writing

  1. I used to read recipes and create the dish step by step but now I just chuck in whatever I think will work. My writing sometimes has a plan but doesnt always go to plan. I feel good just spontanously writing whatever is on my mind and what I feel needs to be disclosed.

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