Can’t see the wood for the trees

Being in Nature


-what follows is an entirely personal ramble –

Unable to see the wood for the trees I stumble about in the forest of undoing.  No pathway is clear.   Everything I read tells me these feelings of inertia, fatigue and general lassitude are normal when recovering from pneumonia.   Apparently the only cure is rest, drinking lots of water, eating well and coughing when necessary.   Recovery can take weeks, even months.  This is one of those illnesses that dissolves and disrupts – hopefully to re-align.

Here in the forest of self undoing I look for a Way Stone, a marker that can help me find my bearings.   For me in-depth astrology often provides such pointers.   Dane Rudyhar, the father of contemporary astrology described the birth chart as a blueprint which can act as a road map through life.   Certainly my astrological studies have led me to such understandings.

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