Mommy Needs to Write

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I’m a better person when I write, ya’ll.  And I, um, having not been writing like I need or want to.  Now, initially I did not plan on writing during the years I was raising kiddos because I thought I knew best and my plan was to do it after I was done with this stage of life.


Learning to balance it all is hard, and as soon as I get it down, my kids change or I change or the world changes, and I’m back to picking pieces off the floor and learning to juggle in a new way.

My 4 kids are getting older.  They are between 12 and 7 now, and I am planning on transitioning them to online homeschooling in an effort to lessen the load on me.  I’ve gotten to the point with my migraines that I have realized that maybe it’s time for…

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