La Puerta de Siempre #blogbattle

Rachael Ritchey

Okay, so my Cave #BlogBattle story is a total cheat. This is an excerpt from a short story I’ve been working on. I doubt it will make a ton of sense, but it’s exciting, and you’ll be able to read the whole thing in the ASF Short Story Contest Anthology book, The Crux, when it comes out!

So enjoy!

La Puerta de Siempre

The hushed whisper of his name called to him from a million miles away. He floated on the night sky, stars glittering all around, no ground beneath his feet.

“Owen,” the familiar voice whispered again. “Owen,” she said, firm and a little harsh.

Stinging pain shot through his cheek and he groaned, the stars fading into the blurry face of Julianna, her wet white-blond hair matted and hanging limp around her face. He blinked several times and rubbed his cheek. “That wasn’t necessary.”

“Sure. And Vesuvius never…

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