New Release, The Emissary 2: To Love Somebody by Marcia Meara #paranormal #angels


Today I’m handing over to my good friend Marcia to announce the arrival of her new novella, The Emissary 2: To Love Somebody.

You may recall I loved the first one and have eagerly been awaiting this latest. If you didn’t see my review of #1, you can read it HERE

Over to you, Marcia…

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Thank you so much, Debby, for having me here on your blog today!

I’m very happy to be able to share my latest release, The Emissary 2: To Love Somebody, with you and your followers. You write such wonderfully developed and entertaining fantasy novels, I’ve amazed myself by daring to show up with my little mini-fantasy here. I usually refer to it as Urban Fantasy Lite, since it is set in this world, but isn’t meant to be taken very seriously.


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