Blue Fences

And then there was you.

I thought I saw Yellow rays jumping off your back into my view. But you were just… outlined in gold.

Riches dripping from every crease and fold. So elegant and bold.

And I.. well I had been dragged through and tapered in life lessons lined with sandpaper. I thought you’d see later, there was No gloss on me… Never called “pretty”.

You smiled at me

And took a shine to me.

Got too close to me.

My jagged matte edges cut and shredded you… and you let it.

I watched your stripped and dingy hands scrape up your golden flakes scattered in the sand. Grouped and gathered every last piece, stood next to me and threw them straight up into the wind.

I watched pretty pieces spin.

You smiled at me. No trace of you being bitter.

You gave up your skin just to…


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