I’m Selling Books, Not What’s Between My Legs

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I’ve learned a lot of lessons since choosing a writing career, but there’s one thing that really surprised me (although I suppose it shouldn’t have).  I have gotten far more interest in my body than I have in my books.

Now, friends, I’ve tried to combat this as honestly as I could.  I’m married.  I have four children.  I’m fat and fairly common looking.  I tell people this not because I have low self esteem.  I’m just blunt and realistic.

Now, I know that somebody out there is going, “Well, you get what you gets, Aems.  Don’t show pictures of your legs/body/neckline/the pudgy area under your arms and bra.”  That’s a choice I leave for every woman, but you see, I grew up covering myself.  Guess what?  It didn’t protect me.  I spent years and years being the good girl, and got hurt over and over because of it.


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