Short Story – Glimmer – #writephoto


distant-lights.jpg Sue Vincent’s #writephoto prompt

She listened to the music and lit the candles while waiting for him to come home. She always felt a tingle of anticipation and looked forward to dinner together. She loved to pamper him and take care of his tired body when he came back exhausted and aching from the hard labour he did.

She cooked his favourite meals, ran his bath so he smelled good, that when she kissed him, he would smell like juniper berries in springtime.

He told her work would increase as summer approached, and he would have to work till the sun set and she trusted and believed him. She was proud that he worked so hard for their future together.

But all that changed one day in July. She did not know which hurt more; the lies or that he still said he loved her. She felt he destroyed any…

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