Getting the Needle

Stevie Turner

Our hospital, along with probably every other UK NHS hospital, is offering free influenza vaccines to all the staff.  An email came round on the system instructing everyone who wanted to get a jab to attend at the main canteen every day at 12.45 until the end of October.

I have a sluggish immune system because of all the radiotherapy I’ve had, and I suffer more than most if I catch a cold or ‘flu.  However, the thought of voluntarily introducing germs into my body fills me with horror.  Last year’s vaccine didn’t match the strain of ‘flu at the time anyway, and so I have decided to give any ‘flu vaccination a wide berth and take my chances with oranges and Echinacea.

My friend Anne decided to go over to the canteen at lunchtime and get her jab.  She, like me, is not on the permanent staff because back…

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