Smorgasbord Daily Blogger – October 17th 2018 – Mae Clair with Robbie Cheadle, Jill Dennison, Teri Polen with Collen Chesebro.

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Welcome to the Blogger Daily with a small selection of the posts I have read over the last couple of days. The first is from author Mae Clair’s blog, and features Robbie Cheadle and a guest post on writing horror. Robbie has two stories in the recently released anthology, Dark Visions.

banner ad for Dark Visions, a collection of supernatural storiesI’m happy to welcome guest blogger and author, Robbie Cheadle, today with a look at how she became interested in writing horror and supernatural tales. Already an accomplished children’s book author, Robbie is now venturing into other genres. Her stories, The Haunting of William, and The Willow Tree, are featured in the new anthology, Dark Visions. Perfect reading at this time of year, this goose bump-inducing collection is high on my TBR. Please welcome Robbie with her first guest appearance on my blog!

As a pre-teen I was fascinated by horror and supernatural books and stories. At the age…

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