Don’t Make me Laugh.

Stevie Turner

I should have been at work this morning, but instead found myself sitting in A&E for 2 hours.  It appears the tumble from my bike that I wrote about here  unfortunately did cause a cracked rib.  However, there’s no treatment for it, just rest and painkillers.

We were going to take the bikes to the Island on Wednesday, but I’ve decided I’ll just be sitting on the decking and doing nothing instead.  I’ve never had a rib injury before, and it’s quite painful to do anything other than sit still.  I’m trying not to cough, sneeze or laugh.  Apparently the pain can take 3 weeks to go, but at least the lung isn’t punctured so it’s all good even though it’s not good.

Even at 07:30 the A&E Department was full up of the walking wounded, and coughers and sneezers.  I’m hoping the good hope I haven’t come out…

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One thought on “Don’t Make me Laugh.

  1. Oh my goodness, I’m so sorry for you! I did the same thing last Wednesday…fell backwards for no apparent reason, hit a concrete step, fractured two ribs and punctured a lung. Hurts like hell, doesn’t it!! Also, we were supposed to leave Saturday for Spain and had to cancel the trip. Heal quickly! I hope you are able to find a comfortable position at night. That’s proving challenging for me.

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