Retired (re very tired)

The Bingergread Cottage

OK so I accepted that going back to nursing would be a bit of a faff but I didn’t think (until my beloved doctor told me) that no nurse or doctor was on duty 24/7

Although Badger is doing a wonderful impression of not having terminal cancer or having suffered a severe stroke he has his moments – giddy, unable to stand and brain scrambled. 

What is taking up my time is worrying about him. Even asleep I keep checking his breathing, making sure he hasn’t laid on one of the cats or is strangling himself with the covers.

Worrying comes naturally to me, I am a Yiddisher Momma – but this is relentless. Hence my absence from anti social media recently – that and a very unkind person calling me self absorbed…….. Sorry, sister, but I am all I have at the moment, if I don’t write about me…

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