A Forest Adventure

Stevie Turner

I’m not one to sit about too long, and so when my friend Eve suggested a 5 mile bike ride up at High Lodge yesterday I agreed to the challenge.  It is a bit of a challenge at the moment I must say, as I’ve not been cycling long and I’m still strengthening the old quads.  Nevertheless, we put the bikes on the rack at the back of her car, and off we went on a new adventure (well, for me anyway).

It’s lovely at High Lodge for one reason; there are no cars, only in the car park.  The tracks and trails are free for walkers and cyclists, and all are situated in the middle of Thetford Forest, which stretches for miles.  I had only been to High Lodge once many years ago, to see Brian Ferry on stage there with his band.  As I remember he oozed out…

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