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“I will send you for X-rays,” the nice doctor said,
“And for physio too while we wait.
I’ll just make the appointment and get you booked in…
Would you rather have early or late?”

Which is why, as the dawn started painting the sky,
I was driving the backroads to Thame.
I was feeling quite well, but I hadn’t much hope
I’d survive without coming home lame.

“Hi, I’m Sam,” said the physio, flashing a smile
And extending a hand, “Follow me.”
He was fine on the eyes, I would have to admit,
But I wondered how bad it would be.

“And how are you today?” he had just had to ask,
“Well, I feel like a fraud, ‘cause I’m great!
I don’t hurt at all and I’m just not in pain.”
I should know that you never tempt Fate…

He asked all the questions and got me to move,

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