Under the mask

Jim Webster


There are places where the modern world has been laid over the countryside but the countryside keeps breaking out. At times it’s as if, the more ostentatious the footprint, the less the real world has been changed.

Earlier this week I had to go up to Penrith for an evening meeting and so I decided to give the afternoon to the king. I drove north just after dinner and came off the motorway at Tebay and parked up in a layby just along the Orton road.

From there, equipped with Wellington boots and a decent map, I set off into the underworld. A path takes you under the motorway, and then swings across some land that’s virtually moorland. Again in the way that the modern and transient rubs shoulders with the old world, the path takes you not far from Tebay motorway service station. For those who don’t know it…

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