Smorgasbord Short Stories – What’s in a Name – Isobel -Hiding in Plain Sight by Sally Cronin

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Welcome to the first of the two short stories this weekend from What’s in a Name – Volume 1. And this week we have reached the letter ‘I’… the first story is a reminder that you don’t really know some people at all….

Isobel -Hiding in Plain Sight

Isobel Smith looked out of the window of her thatched cottage at the small garden that fronted the narrow lane. She would have to rake up those leaves soon. They would start to blow around the house in the blustery wind that came off the sea most days.The issue was finding the time between the autumnal downpours that plagued the coast at this time of year. She chuckled to herself as she contemplated this activity and wondered when she had become such a sissy.. after all it was only rain and not likely to kill her.

It was Halloween, and when Isobel…

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