How much is that Island? #thewritinglife

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Not that long ago I went to a family reunion out of state. I saw relatives I hadn’t seen in a while and many asked “how’s the writing coming?” As authors there is so much we could reply to that, but no one wants to hear about the drudgery of making word count, wrangling  plot threads, or trying to balance social media, promotion, and deadlines. In most cases I smile, tell them a bit about my latest release, and maybe one or two successes I’m proud to share.

When I bump elbows with a friend I haven’t seen for some time, I’m usually asked about my writing. After some brief discussion I normally get this question: “So, when are you going to retire?”

Because—come on—everyone knows writers are rolling in money. I’ve been told by this point, I should have enough to buy a private island.

photograph of tropical island in the middle of the ocean

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