Shades of (Soylent) Green…

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

“I thought this was part of making you well,” said my son. “I’m not sure pumping you full of dye is healthy.” I’m none too sure either, but an ‘MRI scan with contrast’ was what the doc had ordered, so off I trotted to the designated medical facility… not a hospital, but one of these outsourced places that have more money and better decor than the NHS… and shorter waiting lists. The time between appointment and scan needed to be minimal, as this has been going on for months, and while I am not expecting the worst, the doc wanted to make sure my optimism is well-founded.

The fact that said facility meant tackling two solid hours of rush hour traffic and travelling to a distant town was not great, but I remembered all the shortcuts and rat-runs from my white van driving days and managed the drive without too

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