The aftermath of the storm. A hurricane story that still remains true

Allie Potts Writes

Hurricane Florence Storm Track note – the track has changed a few times since this image was created, but still…

It’s that time of year once again – time to batten down the hatches. For reasons that I hope are somewhat obvious in the image I’ve attached to this post, I may be slow to respond to comments, but I hope you enjoy the post I wrote about another hurricane experience. While I originally wrote this piece a couple of years ago, I find it even truer today than I did when I first published it.

There is a storm coming, and for once I’m not being metaphorical. It’s an actual blow you down and knock you around kind of storm. The kind of storm that gets named as if humanizing it will somehow make it any less dangerous.

This isn’t my first hurricane. That dubious honor goes to a storm known as Hugo…

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