I May be MIA For a Few Days – #HurricaneFlorence

The Write Stuff

My daughter and her family live in Charleston, on James Island. As you can see from the latest map above, they are in what Erin is calling “the zone of certainty,” and have been given orders to evacuate by noon today. They are still deciding whether to head to the panhandle (they have access to a family condo there) or come here to stay with us. A lot depends on the weather conditions along each route, and the traffic tie-ups with something like a million people being evacuated.

Needless to say, if they decide to come here, I’ll be away from the computer for several days, but I hope you’ll carry on without me. Those of you who are set up as contributors, please feel free to share any news or promos you’d like folks to see and pass along. I’ll be back as soon as Florence trundles off to…

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