Smorgasbord Short Stories – What’s in a Name? – Fionnuala – The Swan by Sally Cronin

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This weekend I am sharing two more stories from the first volume of What’s in a Name – both begin with the letter ‘F’ and the first is about a young woman who overcomes bullying to become a member of the police force.

Fionnuala – The Swan by Sally Cronin

Fionnuala Garvin was pinned to the wall of the toilet block. Her small hands were pressed back onto the cold red brick as her shoulders were firmly clamped beneath the stubby fingers attached to grubby hurtful hands. The pain from this mauling was excrutiating, as her white blonde hair was trapped beneath the vicious fingers and her scalp felt like it was on fire. With her fragile swan-like neck, slight frame and skinny legs she did not look twelve years old and right now she wished she was back in primary school where life had been so much kinder.


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