Friday Five: Name Generation

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Friday FiveCiao, SEers.

My turn for a Friday post has rolled around again. This week’s topic is a list of five… anythings. I’ve chosen a topic that writers spend a lot of time on.

Name generation.

Below is a list of five places I get ideas for naming people, places, or things. (I have more, but I’m only allowed five.)

  1. TV/movie/play credits.
    You’ll be hard pressed to find a bigger list in one place (except maybe a phone book, and not many of us have those anymore). I never use a full name (the same person’s first and last) but I have no problem taking a director’s first name and a costumer’s last name and putting the two together.
  2. Sports rosters.
    If you follow me on any social media platform, you probably know I’m from the Pittsburgh area and am a huge fan of the Steelers, Penguins, and even the…

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