Stevie Reviews ‘Honesty in World War 2’ by Chris-Jean Clarke

Stevie Turner


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WW2 through the eyes of a child: It is mid-summer, 1944 and Britain is embroiled in war. A large percentage of city and town dwellers are being killed; homes bombed, and personal belongings destroyed. The people not only fear for their own safety, but they also realize, that even if they are fortunate enough to survive there is a slim chance their offspring will not. They feel they have no choice, but to send their children to remote country villages to be raised by strangers, in the hope they will have a better life. The only adults permitted to travel with the children are mothers with youngsters under five years old, the infirm and the elderly.

Meantime, the community of Honesty Brook Dale feel it’s their duty to rally together to help the evacuees by sharing their homes…

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