Writing a Thoughtful Review

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reviewsCiao, SEers. I hope those of you who had a three-day weekend enjoyed the time off work. Did you go boating? Have a picnic? Lounge by the pool? I hope you had the time to read a good book or two.

I bring it up because I’m about to preach to the choir. If you’re reading this post, you’re probably an author. And if you’re an author, you know the importance of reviews, particularly on Amazon. (Whether they’ll actually allow you to post a review is another issue, and won’t be discussed today.)

Reviews don’t have to be complicated. A simple “I liked it, and here’s why” satisfies Amazon and will help an author. Equally simple is “I hated it, and here’s why” which also meets Amazon’s requirements, although it doesn’t help an author overly much. (They’re only helpful if the author carefully considers the comments, decides they’re valid…

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