Smorgasbord Blogger Daily – Tuesday, September 4th, 2018 – Sue Vincent, Don Massenzio with Victoria Zigler and D.G. Kaye

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We often hear the expression ‘follow your instincts’ which can be confusing advice, as most of our natural instincts have been suppressed by ‘civilisation’ and the rules of the society we happen to live in. Sue Vincent explores the value in opening up to those gut feelings or instincts when presented with something or somewhere new.

Have you ever done something completely illogical, just because it ‘felt right’? Chances are that you have, and that it turned out that listening to that inner, elusive prompt was the best decision you could have made. In bypassing the circuits of habit and the imposed logic of the everyday world we sometimes manage to tap in to a deeper understanding and a clearer vision, one that sees beyond the boundaries we tend to impose upon ourselves all our lives.

We build our vision of reality based on the interpretation of events, both through…

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