Learn from your WHAT??

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No experience, no matter how bad, is a waste if one learns from it.

The other day I told you all how I had managed to pick up a somewhat horrible disease from a deer-tick due to my addiction to helping animals. That would have been the kind of experience of which my old Ma would have quoted the above…which, obviously, I am ignoring.

If I had learned from my mistakes I’d be Brain of Europe by now, which I am plainly NOT.

So what did we do yesterday? Adopted a new kitten, Feral, infected eyes and probably crawling with every parasite going but… it needs care. Nobody else is going to do it so we will. Having spent all of yesterday getting used to us I am taking him up to Uncle Veto to get him checked over, chipped, vaccinated and arrange for castration when possible. This will make…

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