Friday Roundup – 31st August

Stevie Turner

Thanks to these authors and bloggers for the following information:

1.  Amy Collins for this info regarding CreateSpace and KDP Print:

2.  Fiction is Food on how to put a Mix badge on your WordPress site:

Stumble Upon Replaced By Time To Add The New Share Button To Your WordPress Blog

3.  K. D Dowdall with the 5 factors that earn 5 star reviews:

Critical Thinking: The 5 Factors that Earn 5 Star Reviews!

4.  Ari Meghlen writes how to tempt readers with a sample of your writing:

How to tempt your readers with a sample of writing

5.  Melinda Clayton with these grammar checkers:

6. Dave Chesson for this free Kindle book description tool to use on KDP:

7.  David Gaughran on switching from CreateSpace to KDP Print:

8.  Meg Dowell with changes she made in her life in order to land her dream writing job:


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