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Image by Sue Vincent


Some would say it is bad luck, finding yourself caught between a rock and a hard place. My dear old dad would say, “When the days become too heavy, take yourself down to the lake and swim. Just let yourself float, let the water take you somewhere new.”

This was one of those days. Packing a light lunch, I took off. The sun would be above the lake by now. Smooth water, surrounded by the blue rock laced with mica and more trees than you could shake a stick at. The shimmer from these rocks would dance your troubles away.

I dipped my toe before jumping in, as I had no wish to disturb the peace that lived here by jumping in before knowing how cold the water might be.

The trees caught the sun’s rays, throwing lightning rods to the ground. Dad was right, this place has a beauty all of its own.

Troubles found no place to be and cannot linger here. I watched the sun play among the soft ripples on the water as if trying to join me in a cool refreshing dip. A soft breeze moved across the surface of the lake, the shadows caught in a dance of joy. The trees whispering, soak it all in and take it back with you…

I felt my troubles sink to the bottom of the lake.

Good old dad…

Anita Dawes



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