August 25th 2018

Today we stepped up the moving-house-process by absolutely obliterating our current home. What was previously carpet is now cardboard, what was previously a duvet is now a pile of clothes, and what was previously a sofa is now the dumping ground of Alice’s handbags.

Twenty eight, she had. We counted.

Twenty eight handbags. That’s one for every fortnight in a year. Or, as my Mum put it “one for every day of the week, plus a couple spare”

Although it didn’t feel like we had too much stuff to sort through, whenever we opened a new cupboard it would vomit a load of new junk all over the floor, plus about three new handbags.

Because we’re moving back in with our respective parents, we’re not going to have as much room for all our crap, so we’ve had to be brutal with our packing. We currently have…

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