Life and Death

Stevie Turner

I find myself following  Buddhist teachings more and more as I grow older, and was lucky enough to read the Dalai Lama’s viewpoint on death recently (the featured photo is from the free site Pixabay).  The Dalai Lama had spoken to what looked to be 18 /19 year old students at his residence in Dharamsala in April this year about living a happy and meaningful life by helping others, and therefore being able to die with no regrets.   He told them that how they live their early lives affects them in old age, and for them to view death like ‘changing old clothes for new ones’, otherwise it becomes mysterious and dark.

Yes, nobody gets out of this life alive, that’s for certain.  It makes sense to me that happiness in our old age depends on how we have lived our lives previously.  Very few people think of illness…

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