Another Fine Mashup: Why The Heroes of Romantic and Literary Fiction Shouldn’t Live Together

Tara Sparling writes

There are many reasons why we shouldn’t live with Unreliable Narrator, Chick-Lit HeroineCop From A Crime NovelCharacter From A Young Adult NovelLiterary Fiction HeroRomantic HeroHistorical Fiction HeroHusband From A Women’s Fiction Novel or Woman From A Historical Period TV Drama. 

But what if some of them ended up living together? What happens to fictional stereotypes, if genres collide?

Recently, we looked at the less than harmonic domestic arrangements between a Crime Novel Cop and a Chick-Lit Heroine, and a Historical Fiction Hero and the protagonist of a YA novel.

So now, dear readers, what would happen if the heroes of romantic and literary fiction were to shack up together?

Why The Heroes of Romantic and Literary Fiction Shouldn't Live Together

It’s midnight. A solitary plastic bag floats gently down a garden path, before settling atop a thicket of dying roses. Literary Hero returns from a solitary wander about the streets…

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