Cat Door Misadventures

Allison Maruska

Things don’t always go the way you plan. This is a tale of that very lesson.

We have two cats: Lily and Meeker. Lily is small and sweet and afraid of everything. Meeker is big, in charge, and loves to go outside.

E72123E9-EFC8-49A3-895E-89F1EEF45452 That’s Meeker after he rolled in sidewalk chalk art.

Meeker loves going outside so much that he doesn’t care who he has to bother or what time he has to bother them to get there. If it’s 4AM and we’re all sound asleep, well that’s just too darn bad.

Me: 😴

Meeker: MEOW

Me: *stirs, rolls over* 😴

(Repeat for about twenty minutes)

Meeker: MEOW MEOW *scratches carpet*

Me: *blearily admits defeat and lets him out*

This arrangement got old and irritating. So in early June, we installed a cat door, hoping that Meeker would let himself in and out without bothering us.

95656FE0-CDEE-4BD2-B994-88D7C2CF047C This cat door, in fact…

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