Secret Chepstow – Book Release Day – the day all the hard work becomes worth it.


Secret Chepstow is now available to order, I love this feeling. Yesterday I finished the edits for History of Nursing and I have Secret Monmouth to plan, due early next year. It’s all still very surreal when you have to work the day job! I do, however, have a study day coming up in ‘pre-retirement’; study days for retirement, who knew (I do have to say I’m not that old just yet but I may have an option in my pension to go early. However, some part of me is a tad loathe to leave a profession that has, quite literally, been blood, sweat and tears and when the job rewards you, boy, does it reward you – not financially, it is the NHS after all).

Who knows what will happen but for now, I will revel in the feeling of having a book released for sale and the result…

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