Cooking, Writing, Scribbling–It’s all good

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Hi, SEers! Mae here to talk about cooking and writing. At first glance these two things may seem to have little in common, but after applying some thought, I began to recognize a pattern. The again, it may have nothing to do with the practice itself, and everything thing to do with the cook/author.

I’m not a great cook. I get by and have a few dishes that I prepare very well. I am also a sloppy cook. When I’m working in the kitchen, it’s a fallout zone of cutting boards, pots, pans, measuring cups, and food items. Alexa is usually streaming my favorite music in the background and my cat and husband steer clear. I measure “close enough” and am not above improvising if I don’t have a certain ingredient or think the recipe would be better without. This is why I will never be a good baker. Baking…

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