#BlogBattle Fiction Entry: The Romantic Camping Holiday #Comedy #FlashFiction


I have decided to enter the August 2018 Blog Battle. If you are not familiar with this great contest, please check out the link.

The word for this month is MOON. 

Here’s my entry:

The Romantic Camping Holiday. 

Sun and moon were having their usual early morning chat. Moon couldn’t stop yawning.

“Fancy some fun?” Sun grinned at Moon and directed several golden rays of sunlight towards a field below.

A weary Moon groaned and followed Sun’s rays. They were pointing at a middle-aged couple taking out camping equipment from a car. Beside them was a small crowd of arguing children.

“Can’t I just go to bed, Sun?”

Sun shook his golden rays. “Nope. Those two, down there, met on an online dating site a few months ago. After taking things slowly, a weekly cinema visit and a cuddle on his sofa afterwards, she suggested he join her on a…

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