Off to Summer Writing School @swanwickwriters @writerslife @amwriting

D.E. Haggerty

swanwick 2I’ll be offline for the next week as I’m off to the Swanwick Summer Writers’ School. Eek! Nervous and excited all in one.

Although I love working at home and having the freedom to work whenever I want, I do miss having colleagues. When I complained to a fellow writer friend, she suggested taking a course. I’d just come back from the London Book Fair and I was bubbling over with writing and marketing ideas. I’d also made tons of connections with bloggers and other writers. A course sounded like the perfect idea.

I did some research and quickly discovered courses primarily fell into two categories. The first category is a writers’ retreat where the main goal is to get away from the world and write. That didn’t appeal to me. If I want to do that, I’ll book a vacation somewhere I want to go. The other category is…

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