Friday Roundup -10th August

Stevie Turner

Thanks to the following writers and bloggers for these writing tips:

1.  K.M Allan on why writers need beta readers:

2. Kristen Lamb on targeting readers:

3.  Colleen Cheesebro with these 11 literary journals accepting prose/poetry:

11 Literary Journals that Accept Prose Poetry/Authors

4.  Sarah Pesce on how to protect yourself against plagiarism:

How to Protect Against Plagiarism If You Post Fiction Online

5.  Erica Verrillo for these 31 writing contests in August:

6. Tony Riches for this info on connecting with readers on Goodreads:

7.  Therese Walsh for these 13 ways to promote before publication:

8. Derek Haines gives advice on how to punctuate a book title:

9.  Serendipity for this info on Facebook and WordPress:


10.  Erica Verrillo for these 26 calls for  August submissions:

26 Calls for Submissions in August 2018 – Paying Markets…

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